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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Getting to the Core of Things

Common Core Pros
  • Standards are a first step – a key building block – in providing our young people with a high-quality education that will prepare them for success in college and work.”  
  •  Common Core Standards are a guide
  • Uniform standards is one area where teachers’ unions and the education reform community can come together
  • Makes a teacher’s job more manageable
  • Teachers could be like actors, focus on interpretation and delivery.
  • National Education Standards are beneficial for the basic reason that families may move across state lines
  • It also helps give a country a united purpose with regards to how it wants to education its children.

Common Core Cons
  • The top-down, test-driven, corporate-styled “accountability” movement -- featuring prescriptive state standards -- has already done incalculable damage to our children’s classrooms, particularly in low-income neighborhoods.
  • That the most enthusiastic proponents of No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, etc., tend to be those who know the least about how kids learn.
  • One-size-fits-all instructional demands actually offer the illusion of fairness, setting back the cause of genuine equity.
  • Beyond uniformity, this proposal also conflates excellence with rigor (the premise being that harder is necessarily better) and specificity (for “clear” or “focused,” read: “narrow” and “reflecting a behaviorist model of learning”)
  • It’s not to nourish curiosity, help kids to fall in love with reading, encourage critical questioning, or support a democratic society. Rather, the mantra is “competitiveness in a global economy” -- that is, aiding American corporations and triumphing over people who live in other countries.
  •  In contrast, there is no meaningful empirical evidence that national standards improve outcomes.
  • Do I worry about who controls national standards? Sure. Some will try to replace substance with mush.

My Core says.........
Common Core sounds good and looks good on paper. Now is it really going to change America's education not sure about that. Yes we all need to teach our students common objectives and rigor so that they can become individuals that obtain higher order thinking skills, problem solving skills, and career ready. Yes it needs to be some consistency throughout the states. Yes we do need a more rigors curriculum in some places, but do we have to teach them all the same thing the same way? If we do try to teach every child the same thing the same way we are going to have a bigger mess than what we started with. Our students come to us screaming for structure, rigor, acceptance, but most of all LOVE. It should not be about money, grants or competition, it should be about CHILDREN and what is best for THEM!!!!! I am waiting for that day when the governors, state boards, and legislators spend a few days in an educators shoes and really see how children learn. Then and only then can they write up a law dictating what children should know and how they are taught.

Getting to the Core of Education!!! Will Common Core State Standards take our students to where they need to go??? Some say YES and others scream NO!!!

Take a look and see what your core is saying to you!!!

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